B1A4 – Black Scorpion Earring Free Shipping [BA36]

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1cm 도 채 안되는 사이즈에 귓볼에 딱 붙는 느낌이 귀엽게 느껴지는 아이템입니다. ^*^


심플하고 모던한 블랙컬러로 어느 룩에 매치해도 어색함없이 연출하실 수 있어요.










* Description *

– Color : 1 Color

– Size : 0.8 cm x 0.7 cm

– Material : 

– Quantity :  1 Pair

– Condition : Brand New 



* Notice *



It will count on HANTEO CHART and GAON Chart RIHGT AWAY.

It does count on HANTEO CHART and GAON Chart  when we buy CDs for buyers.



If you want an unfolded poster in a hard tube, Please choose unfolded poster option.

We will shipped CD & Hard tube separately, so you can get them seperately on different date.

It can be arrive on different dates even we had shipped them on the same day.Inthis case,

Please wait more days after getting first package. (Poster will be packed in hard tube case)


*Please note your preordered album will be shipped release date onward.


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