LEE SEUNG GI – The Best (Best Album) CD + Poster + Free Gift

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Free gift : K-POP Idol Socks 1 Pair (Random)

■ Descripiption

Artist : LEE SEUNG GI  
Title :  The Best (Best Album) 

Condition: Brand New / Sealed

Origin : Korea, South

Format : CD

Release Date: Apr.18.2012
Package : 1 CD + Album Jaket Photos + Poster (Option)

Free Gift : K-POP Idol Socks 1 Pair (Our Store Only)


■ Track List 

[CD -1] 

1. 내 여자라니까 

2. 착한 거짓말 

3. 다줄꺼야 

4. 사랑이 술을 가르쳐 (feat.백찬 of 8eight)

5. 결혼해 줄래 (Feat.BIZNIZ) 

6. 처음처럼 그때처럼 (Feat. 강민경 of Davichi) 

7. 하기 힘든 말 

8. 제발 

9. 아직 못 다한 이야기 

10. 삭제 

11. Smile Boy 2010 

12. 입모양 

13. 우리 헤어지자 

14. 정신이 나갔었나봐 

15. 여행을 떠나요 



 ■ Notice

It will count on HANTEO CHART RIHGT AWAY.It does count on Hanteo Chart when we buy CDs for buyers.

If you want an unfolded poster in a hard tube, Please choose unfolded poster option

We will shipped CD & Hard tube separately, so you can get them seperately on different date.

It can be arrive on different dates even we had shipped them on the same day. In this case, Please wait more days after getting first package. 
(Poster will be packed in hard tube case)

 Release : Apr.18.2012. / Pre-Order 

This Item will be released on  Apr.18.2012.              

and it will be shipped after it is released. 





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